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hello, I have been having burning in my stomach over a year, I hurt so bad, this burning never goes way. I have been to GI doctors had all kinds of workup done upper/lower scope Colon checked.

couldn't detect anything that would cause my burning. it feels like something is eating my inside. the GI put me on different anti acids,no relieve. I have change my diet still no relieve I have loss 25 pound since January of this year.

I need your help I don't feel like the doctors are really caring I'm in fear of my life. I want to live.

please help. my e-mail is teskridge33@gmaail.com

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Do you actually believe that Dr. Oz is personally reading these complaints boards?

Please use some critical thinking skills and realize that Dr. Oz doesn't care about you, or me, or anybody else, as long as he's able to make some serious cash off of someone, or some public or private enterprise. Dr. Oz is in it for the fame and fortune.

He disgraced his credibility and career by being a proponent of pseudoscience and quackery. What kind of a respectable doctor goes around promoting fake celebrity psychic mediums and homeopathic rubbish all over the tube? If you've got health problems go see a real allopathic doctor.

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