Not resolved

It's not the product that I ordered, and I need to send it back

I need the address to be able to do that...Dr Oz ....are you aware

of all the complaints....REALLY...? ?????? Ihave called the 800# !!!!and

received NO help whatsoever !!! All I'm after is the mailing address

WHY is this sooooo difficult to have happen ??? Now I'm imposed

on the write at least 100 words ??? This is totally OUTRAGIOUS

(WHATEVER) Can you handle this or maybe the BBB in your town is not aware of this MESS that people get into ??Blah blah blah

blah blah blah blah blah blah blah blah blah blah blah blah blah blah blah blah blah blah blah blah blah blah blah blah blah blah

Reason of review: Not as described.

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Ottawa, Ontario, Canada #1248707

It Cosmetics is a scam and they are at 90% negative reviews, if you were scamed by they I highly recomend to report them to the BBB. They will be shut down if they hit 100%.

I would like to file a class action agains this company...

pls post on this website if you have been scam too...


Fight fight fight

Ottawa, Ontario, Canada #1248677

Dr. Oz, needless to say I was another customer that refused package and have cancelation confimation from the post office and even with that I was charged the full amount.

The supervisor Chelisa Dawkins in a nut shell told me to bad so sad, we do not take cosmetics back even if they have not been opened.

I am very disapointed and you should not be promoting any thing with out first checking their reviews, otherwise you are helping with their scams. Flora Tavera


We just got ripped off by this account. They run several businesses under the same address.

We lost $145.54 with no possible way to return the product or to refund.

All we got was thank you so much for your money!


Deceitful practices and crappy product. They have billed my credit card multiple times - $89.77 and $89.71

Hillsboro, Oregon, United States #966067

This company Lumares Skin are a very bad company, their product not only doesn't work but they charge your bank account without notice. even though I asked them not too charge anything.

it turns out that the so called samples for 4.95 is not the price of the sample t is the actual product they send you, and then if you don't returned within 14 days they charge you, It Is a big SCAM!!! I hope and wish people read this reviews BEFORE they "try IT"

to P.A. 1953 #974516

This is crazy, Was supposed to be billed $ 4.95 S&H.

Charged $ 89.71.

What A scam am reporting company LUMARE Skin Care to BBB and any one every one I can

SHAME ON YOU Lumare !!!!

Waterbury, Connecticut, United States #951849

Sorry it's P.O. Box 25380

Waterbury, Connecticut, United States #951337

Then I called again and they gave me the address below my comment which one is it ? I have to send my products back also. I'm going to call again later.

Waterbury, Connecticut, United States #951322

This is the return address they gave me on the phone :Lumare P.O. Box 205380 Santa Ana, CA 92799 I too have be charged when I only wanted the samples. I hope this helps

to PBG #1013859

When I call 1-888-263-5216 this is the address they gave me.

Lumare Returns

Fulfillment Center

P.O. Box 205380

Santa Anta, CA 92799


I contacted customer service at 888-263-6216 and they were very helpful with my cancellation.


Returns Processing Dept.

Fulfillment Center

Attention: Returns Lumare Skin

3760 W Mcfadden Ave. Suite B602

Santa Ana, CA 92704

North Jackson, Ohio, United States #931551

I have not seen any improvement want to cancel

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