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I used to be a faithful fan of Dr. Oz, but no more and here are my reasons:

It is quite obvious to me that this franchise absolutely unwilling to provide an avenue of directly emailing Dr.

Oz. Dr. Oz constantly states he is providing info to help the health of his viewers while consistently ignoring the biggest problem we now have to obtain this health - THE PRESIDENT OF THE USA, who consistently does all he can to destroy any and all decent health systems we now have. This president is relentless in working at destroying Medicare, Medicaid, Obamacare, etc etc etc.

Dr. Oz has tremendous influence and without having to actually malign this president politically, he can certainly point out to his viewers to pay attention to what this monster is actually doing and educate his clients telling them to at least pay attention to what is going on and not pay obeisance to this fool president simply because he is now acting in his role - and believe me, acting is what he is doing. I sincerely doubt Dr, Oz will ever see any of this commentary but I am certainly going to do my part by attempting to inform him and inform as many people as I can.

Thank you. Gail Henigman - San Francisco

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"A mentally ill President"? ....Really!?

- Are you serious?!? How is it when someone uniquely poised - as our President is - to identify institutionalized corruption within this beloved America of ours, a few suddenly become self-appointed psychiatrists and render him clinically incompetent,....the very same person who America had enough confidence in to entrust America's future to and responsibly voted for 2016 ?! Hasn't President Trump proven his steadfast faithfulness to the oath of his office to you by now? He has kept his Presidential promises to our nation from day one.

Why hasn't he earned your respect by now? So what if his blunt criticisms upset the rigid minded in this world. They should, given the putrid quiescense of America's festering self-serving politics. Hasn't he proven his commitment to protect and preserve the founding ideals of our young nation?

You render President Trump mentally ill, yet - as any sane citizen would - he openly condemned the treasonous behaviors of Hillary and her staff, who have yet to face justice for their breech of national trust. President Trump has shown himself true to those very ideals embedded in our Constitution, but instead you turn blind eye to his devotions - though unorthodox as they are - and prefer to demean him based on his personality traits instead. Really?!....Are you serious!? Yes, he does have a robust ego - so what of it?

So do most who have to achieved what he has. He wasn't in the Vatican to run for Pope. He is a business tycoon and ran to better America. Please open your eyes and appreciate the revelation of his Presidency.

This is a profoundly unique time in America. And thank God we have a profoundly unique President.


Whats really sad is he is being blamed for things that Obama did. Also Obama is taking credit for the booming economy. I am a proud Trump supporter and will be voting for him next election.