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All of these narcotics altered my mental status, which i signed divorce docs that effected my comprehensive.My x husband knew my mental state was not intact which gave him the opportunity to take advantage of me and only favor himself. I had a consult with a Attorney but the fees are $12,000 to start.

Morphine, fentanyl and oxycontin clearly impaired me. My x husband grossly, deceptive and mislead the court.This is malaise and fraud he did to me.How can i come up with $12,000 on disability SSDI (poverty). My x husband divorced me related to my disability.He can afford a lawyer and since i cant this will allow him to cheat me $275.000. Long use of opioids clouded my judgement for eight years.

If not on opioids i would had better understood what i was signing.What is your opinion Dr.Oz? The disabled community is frequently disenfranchise because lack of financial resources. I cant return to my nursing career and very disappointing.The debilitating spinal disease and chronic pain (laminectomy syndrome).Every day is not normal for me because of spinal pain.How can I appeal my case to the court and i dont have the funds. I just and ask God please help me.

What is your opinion about the medications that impaired my mental capacity and how i can raise the funds for lawyer fees? Thank You, Donna Brooks


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