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I responded to ad for essential skincare complex. The ad was on MSN -google search main screen and was endorsed by jennifer anniston and dr oz.

Pictures of both with product. however when i went back on to msn site the article was gone. Contacted my credit card and was told there was nothing i could do until the order arrived or charge went thru mastercard. Many searches and still can find a mailing address or phone number for essential skincare complex.

No reviews and nothing on better business bureau.

Just wanted you to know how your good name is being abused. No fool like an old fool.

Reason of review: no way to contact .

Monetary Loss: $500.

Preferred solution: my credit card info deleted. reported to better business bureau.

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I, too was defrauded by this scam two months ago. I ordered the free 30 day trial, just paying for shipping.

But charged $$89.97 and $94.97 20days later. Called the company and asked for a refund but they refused.

Therefore, I had filed a complaint to State of California Attorney General and Better Business Bureau.Fortunately, I have just received a complete refund as a result of filing a complaint.Do not let this company keep your hard-earned money. The more people file a complaint, the better it is.Please file a complaint!


I just got scammed by this company also. I just wanted the free trial.

They kept my credit card number and billed me. I also saw it on a pop up on a Dr. Oz site. It did not have any fine print formation to read.

They won't even email you a receipt saying you are being charged. Customer service acted like I didn't know how to read.


Rip off buyer beware rotten business practices and dishonest.


I am going through the same thing now. Samples as long as you pay shipping, you get the samples with no paperwork of any kind.

The shipping charges hit my account and about three weeks later two more charges of around $90.00 two days apart from CA and NV. Never received anything for those charges. My bank contacted them and they told her I did not read the fine print to cancel my subscription. It was all done over the phone so I never got an email or anything proving I ordered or subscribed to anything.

Which I didn't. Not sure how to stop these liars and cheaters unless you go to the address that posted on my bank statement.

Please share in any way you all can. I'm going to may facebook to get the word out.


I ordered the free 30 day trial jar, just paying for shipping. I've received the product and a card with a customer service number for questions. The number is: 866-994-0891


the phone# I found on my email confirmation was 1 866 994 0893. they don't help you.

they are rude and kept me on hold forever. talked over me and didn't want to listen. their website says nothing about being charged full price.

I looked before ordering. and now I cant even find a website for them.


They are a scam. I had the same thing happen to me.

Nowhere on their website before you hit the order button did it say anything about charging full price ($89.97 and $94.97 - if you got the eye cream - which if I recall, you didn't have a choice but to order along with the serum). I've contacted my bank to cancel my card---what a pain that is and called the company to cancel any future orders. They would not refund my money yet when I tried to cancel, they tried to offer me everything under the moon! I don't want to do business with a company that has deceptive practices.

I don't care how good your product is!

My bank would not help me recover any of my loss so lesson learned. The charges come through with different names so just be cautious if it sounds too good to be true, it often is!


I did the same thing thought I had read it completely but I must have missed something. I called wondering where my "Free Trail" Offer was?

She said she could extend my 14 day trail I said What 14 day offer I haven't even received the product. That's when she said she could extend my trail for 2 more weeks. I said and then what will it cost me She says 89.00 a month. I said NO Thank You.

Told her to cancel my Offer and that I would return the product at my expense so I had a Tracking #.So once again we have been Duped!

I thought because the Shark Tank, Dr. Oz and Opra's name that it should be safe but I should've known there are No Free Lunches

@Anna Throm

So I just got off the phone with my credit card company. I only had the 2 charges 4.97 &5.97 I had them blocked from making any further charges.


I too was scammed by this "free trial offer" to try essential skin care products. The ad I responded to did not say anything about it being a 14 day trial or that I would be charged insane amounts after 14 days.

I rec'd no information with the product. I did receive an advertisement post card a few days later with a customer service number that I did call but got No Resolution with the fraud, rather a salesperson tried to tell me I agreed to terms That I DID NOT even know about. I did not know they were charging my card (fraud) until after my card paid them almost $200.00. I turned it over to my credit cards fraud department, that card has been cancelled to prevent further frau charges & I will receive a replacement card.

There needs to be something done to shut down these crooks! It is hurting legitimate businesses because consumers like me will stop trying anything new for fear of it all being such fraud :( DO NOT ORDER THIS IT IS A COMPLETE SCAM!!!!!


DO NOT ORDER THIS IT IS A COMPLETE SCAM!!!!! Not only are they refusing to refund my "free trial" subscription which ended up costing $95.00 the customer service person had the nerve to call me back 3 times from the number of 888-616-6114.

I told them to remove me from their call list and I would report them if they ever called me again! I never order things like this online and this is a reminder of exactly why!!!


The company Essential Skincare in Long Beach California...1218 E Broadway # 308


uses deceptive practices regarding trial periods and costs of their products. I have reported them to the BBB in CA.

On one website they referred to Dr. Oz recommending this product.

Buyer beware!!

@Charlie Summers

How can I report them to California BBB also?

@Charlie Summers

My CC statement said VITAL LUX. I looked that up and it appears that they are operating under DKEB Ventures

7455 Arroyo Crossing

Ste 220

Las Vegas

Their website has product ingredients that are identical to the Essential Skincare Anti-Aging Serum. tryvitalskincare.com


The same thing happened to me. There is no website in the email confirmation and they charged me $95.

When I called the number they said they do not apply refunds and that it is there on the website.

I can not find the website either. I want them reported for steeling money and not making it apparent that they are charging people without permission.


They did the same thing to me :( Crooks! I'm just not going to accept any free trial offers from anyone again!

And I am not listening to Dr Oz anymore either!

I turned them over to my credit card fraud department but these people have found a way to have these charges paid before we even know they are being submitted to our credit card companies! They need to be shut down & prosecuted!


The same thing happened to me. Their website is www.tryessential.com.

I called them(866.994.0890) and got a 100% refund back for my January charges but nothing for my December charges. At least it's better than nothing. Do not settle for them offering a 35%, 50% or 75% refund. You have to ask to speak to a manager and be willing to wait for one to come on the line.

You must also be very firm.

Also request a subscription cancellation in email. Canceling your credit card may not be enough because they may still be able to send you a bill since they have your name and address.




I also purchased the trial on 12/22/17 and I called the day before my trial was up to cancel it. They have me an extra 2 weeks to use it and said they understand that I may not have had long enough to see any results.

I plan to call again before the date to cancel. I do however like the eye cream one. I do feel a difference in my skin texture under my eyes.

I just feel it’s quite expensive. There is a contact number in my email confirmation.


I too fell for this complete scam ! I am still fighting with the company to get a full refund of the $89.00 and $94.00 that were charged to my bank card.

I have cancelled my "supposed" subscription (which I never agreed to nor had knowledge of) and the company offered me $34.00 refund which I am not satisfied with. These companies are a complete racket! STAY FAR AWAY!

NOTHING is FREE. I will not go away quietly.