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I ordered this through a Facebook offer on my I-Phone and completed the order for a free sample with a charge for shipping charges only of $4.95. Even though I opted out of the additional sample of an eye cream - for a second shipping charge of $5.99 upon completing the order I saw the eye cream had been included with that additional charge.

Going through the process, I was careful to read every screen completely. On no screen was there mention of an automatic monthly refill and charge. I did not have a printer available, but I did take a photo of the order as some sort of insurance. A day or so later a friend of mine informed me she had done the same - only to have, without her knowledge or consent, an automatic deduction begin to be taken out of her account to something like $80-$90 per month charge for EACH product.

I immediately placed a call to the company (whose phone number/address/company name were nowhere on the Receipt of Order form. I checked my bank statement immediately and pulled up the transaction details and was able to see that after the product name there was an 844 number. I immediately called and was informed I would be charged monthly. I should call upon receipt of the actual order and inform them then that I was cancelling.

I kept insisting that I was informing them then, but they insisted I do so upon receipt of the order - that no changes could be made to the order until then - but that I had until the 10th of the month to inform them. Upon receipt of the order yesterday - both products arrived in one package - despite having paid 2 separate shipping charges. Inside the envelope there was no packing slip, no information regarding the order. And the outside of the envelope had only a shipping and receiving address which yields no concrete information regarding the company when you look it up on-line.

To insure I would not begin seeing $170-$180 a month deduction from my account, I called the 844 number again. And basically got the same run-around, that I would need to call back - this time before the 15th of this month to say I was cancelling. The representative kept telling me she would insure I received no additional charges other than the shipping & handling, but that I still had to call back before the 15th of the month. I am skeptical as to whether that will allow them to at least get through 1 month of full billing, so I am going to my bank today and applying for a different credit/debit card to insure that does not happen.

Oh, yes - as for the product itself - I thought I was getting Christie Brinkley's (Dr. Oz recommended) products. The actual order with COMPLETE DERMA at the top of the order receipt. The actual product on the order receipt states that I am receiving Complete Derma (1) Snake Venom Peptide Cream and (2) Skin Cell Advanced Eye Gel.

Following this review I am writing to the California Better Business Bureau, along with their State's Attorney General to lodge a formal complaint. BUYER BEWARE! I HAVE NOW BEEN INFORMED BY OTHERS THAT THEY HAVE HAD THE SAME EXPERIENCES WITH PRODUCTS ORDERED WHICH APPEARED TO HAVE DR.


Product or Service Mentioned: Christie Brinkley Authentic Skincare Eye Cream Free Trial.

Reason of review: Scam - not a free trial.

Preferred solution: No association of Dr. Oz with these products. Very misleading..

Doctor Oz Cons: Dishonesty, How you have criminals working for you, Dishonest trial.

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  • Major Scam
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Had the EXACT scam experience. Also used Christy Brinkley’s name, not just Doc Oz.

Saw my charge card outrageously charged for a free sample.. ‘just pay ship/handling’. They sent 2 products those request 1, charged S/H for both. Then 89.00 each came to my charge statement!

I called the phone listed on charge; tho was stated the phone no. Was out of MO, it was either India, Bangladesh, ... the person answering would not give me an employee number. My charge card company will reverse these non-contracted charges.

I will write the Ohio Atty Gen, the MO Attny general and the US Attny general. Horrid, illegal practices and products.


What was the phone number so I can call now?


Why Dr Oz have you also joined the bottom feeders?

The product you endorsed for Luminesque and Christie Brinkley is an out right SCAM.

Are you really as desperate as the ex-model is for money??? Obviously so

Have you any conscience??


Same exact experience. I have to dispute the charges and cancel my debit card. Worst ever!!!!


My experience was the same as Troy in Michigan! DO NOT order this product.

I paid for shipping and handling $7.95, after 14 days you'll see in your bank account $180.00 deducted from your credit card! I have been using this product for a month and have not noticed any changes.

BEWARE of these SCAMS!


Same thing happened to me. Never listen to Dr.

Oz again for advice.

Is he in it for advertising!!!! I did get the charges reversed.


Same thing happened to me. People like that disgust me, and they are just bottom feeders.

Pretty much the same as you, but when I called them to tell them I had not received my product yet, they also informed me they charged me $131.00 on November 2nd. Needless to say I lost it, and said it was a scam and there is nothing written anywhere to call them at a certain time period or we will be charged full price. Sickens me that these *** bags actually seem to get away with it. I had to call 4 times, and different stories.

One said that the order was not sent and another said it was. I hope they can be stopped...there was so much noise in the background it was crazy. I am sure there were tons of other callers, just like ours and I am sure that this product was not flying off the shelves, it was pissed off people. I called Mastercard, and I have a new card now.

I will never fall for that again. Glad to see that I was not the only one, I feel kinda ***.

Thanks again for posting your opinion. Sincerely, Diane