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You Pay Shipping........Close to $8. Then with in 10 Days You will receive credit card statement for $85.00 FOR Moisturizer. $89.95 for Eye Cream. You can't talk to an operator. Call you credit card company immediately and let them take over. They give them 15 days to respond....If they do not it is wiped off your account. Anything Doctor OZ mentions is a scam..... We all need to learn that if it sounds to good to be true it usually... Read more

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A FREE TRAIL OF 2 PRODUCTS PAYING ONLY THE SHIPPING, BUT END UP CHARGED FROM MY CREDIT CARD $360.23 +SHIPPING. After I check my card statement ,I called to cancel, but too late, they already charged another order. Thank you! dr oz, I learn a lesson from you, NO FREE LUNCH,NO FREE TRAIL! Please Dr oz, don't do this scam any more, people who got scam by you, they feel soooo unhappy and they don't trust any more. The time you fill your pocket but... Read more

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I thought I would try trial size not knowing I was going to be sent product before I used it. Doesn't work don't waste your money, I wanted to cancel but because I opened product I'm stuck with a $170.00 bill. I had to open package to see what it was, pretty tricky fine print. Now I'm stuck with a bill and the product doesn't work, nice way to run a company Dr. Oz, I'm done with your show as well, who can believe what you say. Read more

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Watch your show today rush to enter into your giveaway on the sleep plus machine took me awhile to find the entry form not being computer smart I never enter into a giveaway because they're all fraud finally I get my information put in they send me a email back will mail you coupons I am low income that's where I wanted to enter the giveaway was in pretty fast but according to them only work the coupon guess I'll continue taking my Zolpidem... Read more

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I recently ordered Dr. Oz's Splashfinesse & Eternal Feel and never received merchandise. What can I do? The money was taken out my account on 10/07/2016. Please advise.

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Don't pay for magazine subscription with a check - credit card only so you can get the charge reversed! I paid in full, the check cleared payment 6 days before it was due! I still get bills and no magazine! Customer service is flippant and of no help!

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Don't be suckered into this scam .. they get into your account and will not give you back your money and negotiate how much they will give you back. The call center will not give an address to file a complaint. They lied about sending a receipt and they have no follow up way to address where you order the trial. This is one of the biggest scams going on Consumer BEWARE..... The call center will not even tell you who they are and everyone is a... Read more

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I thought ordered a FREE Trial but it's not! Hydrolux/Celiva anti aging cream and eye gel SCAM! VERY disappointed....the company will RIP YOU OFF BIG TIME! DO NOT ORDER THIS PRODUCT THROUGH FACEBOOK OR ANY OTHER ADVERTISING! DO NOT ORDER! DO NOT GIVE THEM YOUR CREDIT CARD NUMBER! FREE TRIAL SCAM! They auto charge you for both product @ $98 EACH before you can "trial" them. NO refund and you can't get any company information!Had to cancel credit... Read more

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Dr. Oz u suck and your company. I ordered your anti age cream as a 30 day trial and you billed my account. This is unethical and disappointing. I had a high regard for you but that is all gone. How dare you take advantage of people all in the name of the almighty dollar. What else can I add I"ll never watch your show or read your magazines again. There are plenty of other resources. The cread does nothing. I soooooo disappointed in you. It... Read more

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Dr oz I am totally discusted with the skin care product online. I signed up for a 4.95 trail and was charged over 600.00 on my credit card. The company truebella are scam artist.

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