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Ordered this skin glow cream said it was free just pay postage .... Took almost 400$ off my credit card ..... This is a scam .... Im poor and now even poorer Read more

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Useless product. Billing a nightmare.

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I orders a trial product called Aurora skin Cream. I was supposed to be billed For shopping ONLY. When I reviewed THE order online, I was charged$4.95 for the cream. Additional products were added such as eye cream for$5.95 AND Aurora vitamins for $74.50! When I call the customer service phone, they cannot locate me. How do I put a stop to this Visa charge ASAP? Read more

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This is the biggest scam. They have taken so much money out of my account. It's not worth the time it takes to put it in. I'm struggling with bills now because they keep sending it and I've said stop. They keep billing me $99. I've sent the stuff back even though they told me over the phone that they would not get a refund. I'm so upset about the amount of money that I've been scammed into. Dr Oz, I beg you to get them to refund us poor... Read more

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i actually had two bad experiences(scams?) involving dr oz recommendations. the product "Forscolin" for weight loss is the biggest scam ever. i ordered a test prescription for a 30 day supply and charged it to my credit card, there was no automatic refill mentioned when i ordered the product, nor would i have sign up for it. nevertheless, after three weeks three more bottles (a 3 month) supply showed up and my credit card was charged. i called... Read more

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Hydrolux using the Dr. OZ name n scamming people including me! Not free trial. It's BS.

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I was charged for the Revitaline "14 day trial" a few days after receiving product. If actually ordering any of these trials promoted by Dr. Oz beware, you do not have an actual 14 days to try them. When I called to cancel, I was told too bad so sad you missed the deadline, "because we can't actually know when you received the product we can only go by the shipping date. We don't have you call to let us know you received it". Therefore I was... Read more

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Yes, the cream dosnt work, i dont even know if this is the one he endorsed. This pissed me off so much, putting charges On my CC for hundreds of dollars, how dare them Read more

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What a sham. Now they continue to send me the stuff and they charge my credit card. How do I stop them? Read more

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Sick and tired of many emails daily coming from Dr Oz. I never signed up for these. Don't know who this person is and don't care. I want the emails to stop. There are too many coming. HELP

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